The New Year

01 January 2010

Of course, time has kept on moving and 2010 has arrived. Its strange how time seems to blur so much of life together.... some moments stand out as clear as if they had happened together and some things are forgotten, forevermore lost in time. The new year will provide me with much happiness I'm sure although I'm already predicting certain bad events. I'm not trying to be negative about 2010, there are just some events that I expect to happen which could be detrimental - especially to my family.

At the same time wonderful possibilities are arising. Throughout the course of this year I will complete my education blocks, live with my (guy) friends, and grow as a friend, a girlfriend, and an individual.

I can never decide whether or not I want to try making some resolutions. I usually do but I would rather say that I am reminding myself of the life I want to live or the changes I want to make. I never expect to have everything suddenly be easier because its a new year.

For 2010, I think what I want to keep in mind is:

-stick to commitments (exercising, homework, friends)
-increase my knowledge (really value my education and expand my knowledge of friends)
-make decisions (what I will do, who I am, and what truly matters to me)

I usually try to stick by these things but I think its good to refresh in my mind what it is I am striving for.

Welcome to the new year all and good luck with any resolutions you have made. May the year bring you all that you desire!

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