One of Those Nights

21 January 2010

You know what's the worst? One of those nights where everything should be going right...but nothing seems to. I feel like I made all the wrong decisions tonight (nothing detrimental of course, just not the ideal way to spend the evening).

I need to learn to just say what I want to do....or make up my mind and stick to it. Usually decisions are really easy for me but when I take into account what other people want to do it gets harder. That's one of the things I love and hate about my friends at home - they hardly ever plan anything but at the same time they are usually pretty happy with whatever I pick for us to do. That's typically true here too and one of the great thing is the excess of friends I have to be with at school. If someone is doing something that I'm not into, well, I call or walk to the next person.

Now it's 11:30pm and past my bed time since I have a nine o'clock tomorrow and I'm unhappy. I could have made a fair number of changes to make my night better but there were a few things beyond my control. It seems that on nights like this the best thing for me to do is fall asleep and forget it all the next day. Start fresh, the way it should be.

Goodnight all, hope you have wonderful weekends ahead!

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