Rocks and Lessons

11 January 2010

MWF classes are all education while TuThu are all sciences (bio and geology courses). Today I was reassured that education classes will be a relief in more ways than one. First, they're not nearly as stressful as my other courses. Geology classes aren't easy and I usually struggle by with a decent grade and I am an not counting on biology to be any easier. Second, lots of my 'education time' will be spent doing Unit and Lesson plans. I am definitely a planner - I like to know what is going on ahead of time. Spontaneous is not a word used to describe me and I'm completely happy with it that way. Hopefully planning lessons will give me more of a feel for teaching and will help me feel more prepared for the real world.

These courses allow much more free time in the afternoons and evenings (I may actually be able to attend the geology club meetings this semester too). Of course, Tuesdays will be almost opposite from this but that's the sacrifice for free evenings on MWF. Hopefully this course load will provide happiness in the present and confidence for the future. Sorry this was all about classes but it feels good to think "outloud".

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