Rootbeer Jelly

09 January 2010

My friend, Maria, met me at my apartment at 10am this morning (ah, college - living in the same complex makes morning trips much easier!). We had decided last night to hit up some farm markets this morning for some locally grown food.

We headed off this morning to two separate farmers markets. One was downtown, which I visited before winter break, and I was sad to see that it lacked nearly half of the booths it previously held in December. Still, I found feta cheese from a local farmer and bought it for a good price (I'll be needing it for an upcoming recipe). [Reminds me, Monday Night Meals may be changing to a different evening.... we'll soon see.] Maria ended up buying a carton of eggs for her apartment since she hadn't gone grocery shopping since arriving back at school.

The second farm market we visited I had never been to. Maria showed me and it's certainly more of a permanent location/business. Below is a picture of one (of two) gigantic windmills on the property.

Inside were several "stores" that were separated by rooms similar to a very small and country mall. Some stores sold food or candy, others books, and there was even one shop that sold "Western Ware" (clothing styled after the old west).

Maria showed me a store that was Mennonite-run and sold jams, pie fillings, and jellies. There were even a few salsas along one wall! The best part though is just exactly how many flavors there were! Luckily, near the front of the store there is a section with oyster crackers and plenty of samples for you to try before you buy.

Maria was eager to move on to the next section and eventually we made it back around to their little cafe. It was cute (reminded me of a place in my hometown called Hayfield) although with less options. Unfortunately I'll probably never eat there because both Noah and Maria are vegetarian....and I'm about as close as you can get without officially being one. It was certainly quaint though in the middle of this local shop.

In the end I found one item that was just to good not to purchase. Any guesses? Rootbeer Jelly (if you couldn't figure it out from the title)!

The label is a little washed out in the photo but let me assure you that this jelly is delicious. I've never heard of such a thing before but give me some crackers with this jelly and I'm ecstatic!

Hope everyone's enjoying their Saturday!

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