Wonderful Weekends

18 January 2010

Don't you just love when you have a perfect weekend? Only one week of school so far but I can tell that some of my classes will be incredibly difficult (biology for one...) and that weekends will be much appreciated. Of course, because of Martin Luther King Jr. Day colleges have the day off which suits me just fine.

On Friday I went with some friends to a small hangout on campus to listen to a comedian for our monthly "Funny Freaking Fridays". This man was brought in by Madison Equality, a group that promotes rights for LGBTs. He was really funny! Nearly all of his jokes and stories had to do with gay humor but I've always had a fondness for that style.

On Saturday I attended the mens basketball game with my sister (who I really haven't seen much of since coming back to school). We ended up in one of the "Purple Sections". Our school colors are purple and yellow and to sit - more like stand - in these sections you must be wearing purple. Basketball is much more fun for me to watch than football but I'd still say my favorite two things about the game were:
1) a fan getting The Wave to go the whole way around the arena three times and
2) the Michael Jackson halftime show

A man was set up with life-size puppets attached to his body and while he danced they performed the moves too. I'm not a huge Michael Jackson fan but I must admit that this half time show kept me thoroughly entertained!

Sunday ended up being quite busy but in a very good way. It really started with baking brownies with Becca and Noah which is guaranteed fun. Then Becca taught us a new card game which is similar to solitaire except you can play with groups of people and it's a little more complicated (which makes it easier in a way...)

Then we went to the local gym and dipped in the hot tub for a bit with one of my best friends, Jake. Sadly, my sneakers have reached the end of their lifetime so I need to buy new ones really badly. I have several UREC appointments that are coming up and quite a few that I've already had to cancel. The problem is I don't want to shell out $40 for shoes, even though I desperately need them.

After that relaxing time Noah took me to Cracker Barrel. I talked to him about one of my girlfriends being vegetarian too and how I'm considering it more and more. (If you haven't noticed, all of the recipes I put up on this blog are vegetarian. Noah is one and one of my best girlfriends is too while I'm pretty much as close as you can be to a vegetarian without being one.) I mainly eat meat out at restaurants because there are very select options beyond meat; it's pretty much a convenience factor for me. I don't think I will be officially "vegetarian" until after college though when it will be easier for me to cook my own meals and make decisions about lifestyles such as that. Sorry, that was a mini-rant there!

After that we watched FRIENDS for a few hours and fell asleep. All in all a very lovely date night! I hope the rest of the semester follows suit!

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