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24 February 2010

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As a secondary education minor I am required to go into local schools and observe teachers and students throughout the day. Teaching methods, engagement, classroom activities, and student behavior are all features that I should be observing while in the classroom.

The local high school is set up for this bustle of college students invading so very often and they make it a very smooth transaction which I definitely appreciate!

This afternoon I ended up in a ninth grade Earth Science class and a twelfth grade English class. Each college observer is supposed to get a chance to visit their content area and what a great experience it was! The teacher in the class had arranged the desks so that he could easily facilitate discussions and he was even sitting down while he talked with them. There was a constant back-and-forth between content, personal stories, and student input. It was fantastic!

The English class today was an excellent experience because I was observing a student teacher! It makes the whole thing that much more real when I can see someone one year older than me teaching a twelfth grade class! It's intimidating to me to say the least, but I'm getting excited all the same.

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