Afternoon Lemonade

18 February 2010

This week has been incredibly hectic and stressful for me. I nearly broke down yesterday afternoon after three days of no real relaxation time. There have been meetings, rescheduled meetings, classes, group projects, rescheduling of class events, unit plans, workouts, readings, and lots of studying - usually in the form of cram sessions. Just yesterday I was gone from my home for twelve and a half hours. I hate that because I really like my apartment. Now though - for those many (sometimes elusive) reasons to smile.

It's Thursday afternoon and I'm done with classes for the week! Usually I have an education course on Friday mornings but they are canceled tomorrow because a fair number of my classmates will be shadowing local high school students in their courses. I'll be doing this next Monday and Wednesday afternoon - I even have a badge! How professional!

Today is one of my good friend's birthdays. I met her my sophomore year of college and our group of friends are all going to a nicer dining restaurant on campus to celebrate. It will be nice to make her birthday special and to help us all wind down from the school week.

After tomorrow I will not have to worry about the bacteria Streptomyces ever again! My group will meet one more time tomorrow afternoon and the project is due by midnight on Friday. Also, today in class our professor lessened the requirements. Honestly I don't want to aim at the lower standards because she implied we would get extra points for doing the initial standards.

This morning I met a woman that I bought girl scout cookies from about three weeks ago. I have my order of Lemonades (hence this blogpost title) and Thin Mints. I'm definitely going to have to share these because I'll eat them all otherwise. Plus sharing is caring right?

I have a biology test on Tuesday which isn't exactly a reason to smile but I am glad that studying has been moving along rather well. I feel motivated and I'm not as worried about the test as I thought I would be. In our weekly quiz today one of our readings had already been covered and I remembered nearly all the information. Some of it brings forth old knowledge from high school to work with. I'm very lucky!

Yesterday afternoon I ordered a college class ring. I've considered it for a while but I didn't have the money for one. It is certainly not something I need but I've worn my high school class ring every day since I bought it my sophomore year (with the exception of the two weeks in Britain when my mom warned me not to take it so I wouldn't lose it). It probably doesn't even leave my finger once a month. I had talked to my dad about it months ago but he hadn't said anything since so when I got an email from him out of the blue yesterday about buying me a class ring I was very surprised!

My high school ring is silver with a blue stone. The sides each depict something that was important to me at the time: woodwinds (band) and a bible (Christianity). Also in the middle of the stone is an alto saxophone. This ring no longer describes me but I value it for it's history and for representing who I was at the time. I wouldn't be who I am without that past! However, my new ring will not be nearly as personalized. I decided to go the traditional way with my ring and get the University's seal on yellow gold. BA and '11 will be on either side (I can send it off to get my masters degree on it for no fee in another two years). I am glad to have something I can always carry with me that will remind me of my years at JMU. This school has meant everything to me since I graduated from high school and I hope to treasure the memories forever!

Below is an image of the Laurel ring - similar to the one I purchased but this one is white gold and mine will be yellow. What do you think?

That's a pretty good summary for right now. There are always reasons if you look for them! Except there's just one more - there is sunshine in my city today! It's so much easier to be naturally happy when the sun is shining and warming up your skin. I love the temperate seasons and guess what's just around the corner - SPRING!

May you all enjoy some sunshine too!

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