Bagels, Classes, and Card Holders

09 February 2010

So, instead of lunch I had two bagels today! One was breakfast at 9:30 during my Contemporary Issues in the geosciences class (a plain bagel with regular cream cheese) and then five hours later, while I had half an hour before the bus came to take me back to my apartment, I had a cinnamon sugar bagel - with the best cream cheese ever! I love getting a delicious breakfast in the morning and being able to eat in class. That's one of the many reasons that college is better than any other schooling in your life: you can have food in class. In high school we could have food my freshman year and maybe sophomore but then we were only allowed to have water after that. Plus then you were in the building for seven hours! How were you supposed to do that and only have a 20 minute lunch??

I also used to hate breakfast. Now I enjoy coming into Java City in my building in the morning greeting the barista who knows me. It's the image I always had of, I'll tell you a secret: coffee isn't as gross at is used to be.

What I mean by my building in the previous paragraph is that all of my classes are in a building "on campus" called Memorial Hall. The geology/earth science department and education are the only two housed there. Also, JMU is using "on campus" in a relatively general sense here as in, two blocks away from campus. Since I'm Earth Science and Education I know that building really well while some people graduate and never step foot inside it. Being around only people in my major/minor is a nice change because I finally feel like I'm getting prepared for my career.

Speaking of Memorial, I had two classes there today. Why is this unusual?

1) because I usually have three on Tuesdays and Thursdays...and....
2) because we haven't had school since last Thursday!

I can't say that classes are exactly my favorite thing, but it's SO much better than sitting around cooped up indoors all day long! I love my university and I do enjoy class overall so it was nice to get back into the flow of things. Unfortunately, as I type this it is snowing yet again I really don't know how much more snow I want....

So I mentioned earlier that I had some time while waiting for my bus to come. Why is this? I live in an apartment complex that has NO BUSES which commute to Memorial Hall. Instead I have to take one route to the main campus and then another shuttle to my building. Of course this isn't convenient for me whatsoever but I didn't want to drive today in case the roads were/got bad. Although today that time lapse was alright because it gave me some time for myself which is always good.

When I finished the bagel I still had 15-20 minutes before my bus would arrive at the stop so I ended up browsing through the bookstore instead. I carry my cards in a flip holder. All the important cards in my life are carried in there (minus SS). Unfortunately it fell off of it's keychain a while back and the plastic which holds the cards in is starting to rip open. I decided it was finally time to cave and buy a new one. It's always fun to change up a small part of your life. I mean, it's just a card holder, but it's something I use every single day Even when I'm not in school I still have my license and atm cards. I like to have the holder attached to my keys too so that everything I need is right there in my hand in one grab. Good for on the go that way and you never forget anything.

Our bookstore has quite a selection of cardholders considering but they're all vera bradley or school-themed. I've done two school ones so I finally decided to go "the girly way" as I deem it which actually makes me happy. Instead of cheap plastic, or a key chain that's broken I've ended up with cloth flowers. That's ok, I still like the change. Besides, it fits in more with the education folks anyways.

Yeah, I'm sure you were very interested in my bagels and cardholders but they're little things that caused me smiles throughout the day. Keep warm this wintry day!

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