Bright Mornings

16 February 2010

Tuesday morning...usually not my favorite day of the week but today we have "Assessment Day". That means people with the sophomore number of credits have to take a test today (of course I did this last year). However, I am now a junior and can thankfully use this day to my advantage! I have a whole list of jobs to get done and this day will help tremendously. For some reason when I go to my hometown I always get out of sync with schoolwork so now is the time to catch up!

My hopes for the day include getting to the gym (I feel motivated!), finish a bio project (it's due on Friday), get my pre-lab done (due tonight), finish my education work (for a class tomorrow morning that I haven't had since the second week of school), and go to dinner with Circle K.

Speaking of Circle K....well, actually, I think I'll leave that tidbit of information for later.

Anyways, the day is looking promising from where I'm at - I just need to get started. Although because it's me, I'll probably have to procrastinate a little bit so that I can clean up my room which is starting to bother me. There's just not enough space (as much as I love my apartment) to let it get too cluttered.

Wish me luck for the day and I hope yours is productive as well!

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