Chocolate and Thoughts

28 February 2010

Do you ever take a bite of chocolate and just let it sit in your mouth and melt? I love this feeling! You may remember me mentioning the Endangered Species chocolate bars here (you know - where 10% of the profits go towards building up habitats) but I don't think I ever mentioned them coming in. Let me tell you that they are quite delicious! The first thing I did when they came in was go drop off a dark chocolate bar to my sister (she loves dark chocolate!) and then the next day I gave one to a professor. He had previously saved me a deal of money by just giving me the National Science Standards book for my education courses. I gave him a bar as a thank you and had a little chat.

Those are the chocolate bars (each with their own picture of an endangered animal) resting on my new tote bag for my education classes. This bag has already saved me some hassle too because I can just keep all of my education work in there so when the Saturday class came around I just had to grab it and get on the road. I love being organized.

On that note, I am very proud to say that I've kept my room clean for four full days now - and YES that is an accomplishment for me! Since I'm in an apartment (during all of this college wonderfulness) I am very limited as to where I put my clothing, school things, fun things, etc. I like a lot of space and when my room is organized and clean I find that I focus much better on my work as well!

Today will be dedicated to my education courses. My goals?
-Finish my lesson plan on the Rock Cycle (do you know what that is? Click here to find out).
-Work on my culture project
-Find a great "hook" for my lesson (to be presented this Friday)

I really enjoyed writing the Unit Plans but Lesson Plans are much harder! They are so specific (as to timing and what exact activities you'll be doing)! Wish me luck with the hook especially, I might be needing it.

I'll get in another post tonight to give you some more information about the weekend - it's been a good one. Hope you're enjoying your Sunday afternoons!

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