Endangered Chocolate

19 February 2010

The blog world has been sharing wonderful knowledge today!

I just ordered some organic chocolate bars from Endangered Chocolate. I'm very excited about this organization/company. 10% of their profits goes as donations towards supporting species, habitats, and humanity. Each product is from ethically traded materials and the bars I bought are all approved as 100% organic. Plus, each bar has an endangered species on it's wrapper and on the inside it tells about the plight of the animal!

Also, the site gives you information on how to recycle the wrappings that your chocolate comes in. A coolant pack will be in the package which I can reuse in my lunch box and they give a recycle center locator on their website so that you can find out where to recycle your Styrofoam peanuts.

A special thanks to Analiese at Tulips and Tea. (Check out her other Green ideas for her wedding party favors! I wouldn't say no to a tree!)

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