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08 February 2010

I'm ready to get out of the apartment and go grocery shopping! Yes, you heard me. It's that chore I used to absolutely loathe. It was cool for as long as I could sit in the cart but once I hit about the age of four grocery stores just meant a long time in a cold place looking at yummy snacks I wasn't allowed to have. Plus it would take hours!

I disliked cooking and grocery shopping for a very, very long time. What changed? Two summers ago, my sister and I were thrown into the mixing bowl in a sense. We no longer had the option to not cook so I was practically forced to like cooking. It's strange sometimes what it takes to change your attitude on something. Instead of being a burden, I had the chance to talk with my sister when we went grocery shopping, we were able to plan meals together and try new things. We had our time together away from our Dad (which at the time was a tremendous blessing. Plus, it was what our mom used to do.

Noah would come over quite often that summer to help me cook as well. I'll admit that even now, it's hardly as fun to cook for yourself as it is for other people. It was our time together to "grow up" in some ways. Cooking represents a new phase of life to me. It's when I stopped being a kid and became a woman. It kind of sticks for me to have such a gender stereotype as that crossing over (because BOTH men and women can -and should- cook). Still, it's what happened and how I feel. Of course there were many more things but if I had to boil it down to a physical habit, well, this is it.

Now, even though most of my cooking is currently for myself (this will hopefully be changing next semester), the joy of it has carried over. I love looking at new recipes and figuring out vegetarian options for meals. Those "Monday Night Meals" from last semester were probably my favorite night of the school week. It's a time to get down to the basics and cook with the man I love. It's one of the best, simplest parts of life.

What made me get this deep? A salsa recipe. Kate (over at Country Girl) posted a recipe by Pioneer Woman. The initial post said that Pioneer Woman "forgot to add the cumin". It certainly was a learning process for me and I'm so glad to have done it.

Has anything in your life meant something more to you than it may appear on the surface?

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