A Most Wonderful Evening

25 February 2010

The week is wrapping up and I can slowly begin to relax. The night went perfectly! It started off with a dinner at Top Dog with Jake and Jeff. I was luckily able to talk to my best friend for a while beforehand while we picked up our food from another restaurant (Dukes) to bring to Top Dog. I've really missed getting our one-on-one conversations in this semester but we've both been busier than ever.

Dinner was followed by a movie at Grafton, the campus theater. It was only Noah and me from our group watching Princess and the Frog but it was a really good movie. Reminds me of the old classic Disney movies. Noah paid for my ticket and I paid for his popcorn. It was a fun mini date.

Then we headed to Wilson Hall to record Noah's excerpts for his audition. He played a total of three pieces (by Mozart, Wagner, and Bernini- or something.... haha, I don't know enough composers). I was sitting about four rows back in the empty auditorium with his Mac in my lap recording each trial. Let me tell you that he has a real talent with music; I enjoyed the entire hour just listening to him and being glad that I could help. It was magical in its own way.

Afterwards, as a reward, he took me to the music building and let me play bassoon and viola. I had such a fun time trying them. I was very happy to discover that I can play a double read although I highly doubt bassoon will ever make the top five list for my favorite instruments. The viola was much more fun to play and I've never played a symphony string instrument before - or held a bow. It was a really neat experience. We ended up doing this for roughly half an hour and then Noah walked me to my car in the parking deck.

All in all it was a wonderful evening and I hope to repeat the experience. Hope you all are getting ready for Friday - it's nearly the weekend! Enjoy and thanks for reading!

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