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15 February 2010

You know what has me hooked right now? Ebay. Yes, I admit it. I've been sucked into the world of online shopping once again. It reminds me of my freshman year of college when my roommate used to be addicted to looking at Victoria Secret's bras online. We had a lot of fun with that for a while.

Lately though, I've been looking for a Vera Bradley bag to go with my wallet but they are much too expensive in the stores! I absolutely refuse to pay $57 for a bag! They're sort of glamorous tote bags....much cuter. I have decided to "girl it up" a little which used to be a huge challenge for me. I'm trying to get in the habit (30 days) of dressing up a little nicer, doing my hair, and getting some of my girlish needs out of the way. One of the first things in this process was required either way. I have a lanyard which I carry all my "necessities" on. All of my keys (car/apartment) and cards (atm/JAC/discount) are easily within reach this way. Sadly my old card holder has fallen off three separate times and if it weren't for the (typically) wonderful nature of JMU students I may have lost my cards for good. I finally decided I needed a new one - as you probably read here.

Part of this change has also come with wanting to look more professional alongside the other education majors/minors. It's strange how in one building the people can be so different. On the geology side of the building you'll see everyone in t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hiking boots. Yet on the education side young women are dressed professionally and look as if they could be heading off to practicum at any minute (even when they will just be around Memorial). Since I only have one class on MWF I decided that those would be good days to carry a bag instead of a book bag. All I need is one book and it will look more at home in the education department.

I've never exactly felt the need to "fit in" with other people at school (just look at my history of gigantic, tent-like, XXL t-shirts and guy jeans). Now it's been a few years since that stage but I've been ever-so-slowly working my way towards a more permanent look which is easy to maintain and I think I'm just about happy with it.

Anyways, back to the online shopping! Another thing about me is how I love cheap things. If I can help it I want to get a freebie or the cheapest version possible. I spend money relatively often but usually in low amounts. That's why Ebay has been kicking my butt so much (I'm apparently awful at bidding). I found two bags that I wanted. One is a Medallion pattern which cost me $10 (remember that $57 or so earlier??) and the other is a Bermuda Blue which cost me - get this - $4. Add on $5 or so for shipping and I have myself a $9 bag and a $15 bag right there! Yes indeed I'm proud of it. I have no heartbreak with a bag being "gently used" before me (at least when there are five pictures showing me that great condition they are in).

I had forgotten how wonderful Ebay could be! It's sort of like for a college kid - you can buy what you want for so much cheaper! So... to sum up, what are my reasons to smile today?

-CHEAP bags,
-feeling more professional

(Unrelated Reasons Below)
-dinner with maria
-bio lab report introduction done
-part of research done for the week
-day off tomorrow to catch up
-had a bagel (plain with regular cream cheese)
-found my leftover cookie cake in the car
-gave out more HP valentines
-Noah rode the bus with me from Memorial to lunch today
-I completed my unit plan rough draft on time this morning
-BPJ (or as I like to say - PB&J) is on schedule as should be

Hope your Monday wasn't too much of a "monday".

(below is the Medallion bag)

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