Sitting by the Fireside

13 February 2010

It's nice to be able to take life slow sometimes. As I type this I am sitting by the fireplace in my boyfriend's parents's house.

We arrived in our hometown yesterday afternoon and we stayed with our friend Jake for an hour or so. I love being around his family and Noah's because I always feel such a hope for the future. It's hard to think of family as positive word sometimes for me which is a shame because I didn't feel this way until just a few years ago. Sometimes hard times seem to eclipse the good ones - I wish it wasn't so.

Noah's family has offered to keep me for the weekend (my house most likely is not plowed.... I'll go check later this evening). After watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics last night we fell asleep in warm beds in a real house. I love my home at JMU but I have to admit that I get absorbed in the college bubble. Every once in a while it's nice to see the outside world in order to remind myself what I'm working towards.

This morning I woke up a little after 9am. That's sleeping in for me now which is always appreciated. Then his mother made everyone pancakes (and I never have breakfast made for me) and we all sat down to talk lightly and watch a little television. It's been slow paced so far because I can separate myself from all my responsibilities here. What a nice change to not be worrying about every school assignment. I'll have to make up for it later this afternoon...

I just wanted to revel in the feeling of a relaxed morning which ends in a seat by the fire, a perfect way to stay toasty.

Ps- Leeny says hello!

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