Thinking of a Thousand Reasons

08 February 2010

I've been virtually snowed in the last couple of days (and let me tell you that I'm no huge fan of snow!). I don't particularly enjoy wading through ~2 feet of it either. So, I'm going to mention the good things that resulted from this in the hopes that I'll feel better about the weather.

Class was canceled. Twice.

I have plenty of time to do homework.

I got to bake cookies and watch FRIENDS with my boyfriend.

My sister hosted us for the Super Bowl so we got to catch up a bit.

Snow makes for great photos.

I've had lots of good food.

Shoveling makes for great exercise.

I have awesome friends who help me dig out my car.

My boyfriend is reading a book that he promised he would read.

I think that even with the snow it's shaping up alright. Although you may notice that not many of these activities are productive. The snow is spoiling me and I've lost practically all my motivation with school work. I will probably take my work with me on campus today to attempt some in the library. God knows I could use the atmosphere!

Hope you all are enjoying your winter (and if you got snow that you're not cooped up inside for too long).

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