Weekend Recaps and Education

22 February 2010

Do you ever have weekends that don't really feel like weekends? This one definitely fell in that category. That's ok though, every once in a while things pick up a lot of momentum and you get tasks that keep you busy but it's well worth the effort.

Actually, this Monday feels like a Monday! It feels like the start of something. Mondays don't necessarily bring negative thoughts into my mind but they're just the start of the journey for that week. This particular Monday represented more of a long-term journey for me though. After my three hour long education class in the morning, I traveled to a local high school to shadow a student throughout their remaining classes. I ended up in an English class and an anatomy class. What a difference!

It was so strange to just sit and listen and watch the students in a class instead of having to follow all of the conversations and complete their workload. It's the first time I've really been in a classroom when I'm not the student. Certainly is a different experience.

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