FFF and Break Dance

19 March 2010

That's right, I said break dance. Ok, so in reality I am not flexible (at all) and I certainly can't dance....well.... but I do have a lot of fun trying. My university hosts a comedian once a month on a friday night and my group of friends usually head out to watch the show. Sadly, half my group is gone this weekend on various trips (fencing tournaments and trombone conferences) but I had some amazing girl friends who went with me. You can see two of them break dancing here:

Plus, I had a great talk over dinner with one of my closest girl friends. I'm sad that we haven't gotten to see too much of each other this semester. I've been trying to think of ways to stay more connected to my friends throughout the remaining weeks of school but it's proving difficult with the work load. Still, I need to make the people in my life more of a priority sometimes. You know, spread the love. Here's my gorgeous girl:

I must say, that with my car gone for the weekend with my boyfriend I am quite grateful for my friends and for my apartment being so close to campus. I doubt there will be any other time in my life when I will have as many transportation opportunities as I do now.

hmmm.... on schedule for the weekend:

farmers market downtown with a gal pal tomorrow
Blind Side (for just $2.50!!) with my girlfriend tomorrow
lesson plan
vegetarian chili
picnic in the park

That's a reasonable list and I'm excited to get it under way! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

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