Flowers and a Class Ring

29 March 2010

I've been playing around in photoshop recently since Kate (over at Chronicles of a Country Girl)put up a tutorial on textures. Thank goodness too! I couldn't figure out how to brush off the texture from the focus (I must have looked at twenty video tutorials - all of which used the old photoshop and would point at icons which were no longer there).

This is a flower from our rose garden at James Madison University. I used a texture from Shadowhouse Creations.

I love the corral color of this rose. It just sings spring to me!

The best news of the day? My class ring came in the mail! You may remember reading about it on my blog here. I love my university and I am so proud to be wearing a class ring representing my feelings.

I don't have a lens that would be great for this, but you can get the idea with this picture:

Tonight there are some veggie pasta leftovers and then I'm off to a biology meeting to work on a group lab report. Gotta love college right? Hope you've had a marvelous Monday and (for all our sakes) that the flowers start blooming soon!


Country Girl said...

GO YOU! Beautiful work, Alli. You have no idea how glad it makes me to hear that someone gets it.

Thanks for playing along on my Q&A this week. I love reading those answers. And GO JMU! One of our students at my school attends JMU. Her name is Devon and she's from PA. Into horses. I think she's a 2nd year.

Tracy-Girl said...

I love taking pictures too, of everything in life... I'm just not as good at it as you are! How fun, and what a cool way to remember things!

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