Kennedy Center

14 March 2010

Tonight at the Kennedy Center was amazing! It is probably on the top 10 list for best nights of my life. Noah and his parents picked me up at 3 o'clock and we went to DC for the evening. Above we are overlooking the Potomac River and you can even see the Washington Monument.

Our dinner was even an experience on it's own. I don't believe I've ever dined somewhere so fancy! There was only one dish that fell under the main course category which was vegetarian. Somewhat of a surprise, but I believe the dining was more about the experience than just the food.

Verdi's Requiem itself was stunning and there were so many talented musicians. There was a complete choir, the national symphony, and four solo singers all of who were fantastic. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend attending a performance at the Kennedy Center. Add a little music and culture to your life - and get ready for an elegant experience.

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