Morning at the Market

20 March 2010

Hello world! It's not often you can get me up at 8am but the farmers market is a good way to do it! One of my friends in my complex gave me a ride downtown this morning to the farmers market (I was looking for cheese) and it's one of the ways we keep in touch. She and I are the vegetarians who cook for ourselves and the market has great produce for reasonable prices.

Although there ended up being no feta cheese this time around I still treated myself to a homemade doughnut which was amazing. People are very friendly at the market as well and will talk to you and say "good morning!" even as you pass by.

This is the stand that was selling the pastries and doughnuts - you can see that she had a crowd. You may also notice the man with the bike in the picture. He rides around our town all the time and he does it to save on gas money. At the end of the year he donates the money that he saved to a cause.

There were many other items that were hand made or grown. This morning I was wishing I had a garden because there were many herbs, flowers, and sprouts that were being sold. I particularly liked the pansies, they had stunning color.

Good morning to you and may your day be filled with sunshine and blue skies!

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