Morning in the Park

25 March 2010

Just after the sun rose this morning, around 7:30, I headed across the street to our local park for a walk. It was so quiet and serene and an absolutely perfect way to start the day. There were a few other people in the park (two dog walkers and a few runners) even though it was still a bit chilly. I know during the summer months I'll need to find ways to keep myself occupied and happy and the park is a good option.

Here are some pictures from this beautiful morning! Below you can see just how high the sun was when I entered the park.

Love the colors in this, a fresh, light green with a hint of sun on them.

Dew drops were still gently hanging from the blades of grass and the tulip sprouts. (Just to let you know, I did not adjust the colors in this shot - the blades were really quite green!)

These are the swinging bars on the playground. Not a child in sight which is out of character for this park. The play ground looked so lonely in the overcast light.

There were several other visitors to the park this morning, albeit not of the human variety. There was a truly adorable squirrel on a fence post but he was camera shy. These ducks were happy enough to let me snap a shot of them. How sweet of them!

Sometimes it is perfect to sit and feel like there is something bigger than yourself out there. When I saw this sunshine yellow bench between these two giants all I could think about was their greatness and timelessness.

The park provided a serene morning and I have been in a better mood throughout the day for it. I hope you all get a chance to get back to nature one day soon, it's always a beautiful experience.

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