07 March 2010

I am fortunate enough to attend a performance of Verdi's Requiem this weekend at the Kennedy Center! I love taking time out to attend live performances and concerts because it reminds me of many special times with Noah (even on our first date we attended a jazz concert). Music has been a big part of my life and an even bigger part of his and I love connecting back to the roots that brought us together.

My boyfriend had told me about "an opera" this weekend in DC and I agreed but little did I know that it was Verdi's. I have always loved his Dies Irae piece; it's so dramatic and gives life to classical music which so few people enjoy any more. I wanted to show it to him on youtube and found out that it is part of his longer Requiem which makes me very excited!! Also, I have never been to the Kennedy Center before (nor has Noah) and this will be an enriching experience for us both. I'll make sure to keep you updated come Saturday night!

In the meantime, I strongly suggest you take two minutes out of your life to listen to Dies Irae:

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