Soft Tacos

14 March 2010

Vegetarians can have meat-like products too - you don't need to give up taco night!

Doesn't that look great?

I used:
some protein crumble (morning star)
maybe 1/3 of a white onion
about 1/3 of a tomato
1/2 jalapeno pepper
sour cream (to taste)
salsa (to taste)
cheese (to taste)

I just threw it all on a flat pan and let it heat up (crossing my fingers that some of the veggies would be a little bit softer) and voila! Perfect dinner. If you're going for a full meal maybe add on some spanish rice, optional guacamole, or chips and dip as sides. As it was, I ate a late lunch with the sweetheart and this was perfectly sized. Enjoy!

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