Spring Break Finale

13 March 2010

*Warning - long, journalesque post. Go on at your own risk!

Doesn't this image call forth "Spring" to your mind? Love it!

Wow, this past week has been absolutely incredible. It started with just relaxing in the apartment with the boyfriend for two days. I love taking time off from everything to just enjoy the day. Soak it all up.

Then on Monday I met with my 'mentee' for tea and book love. Mmmm.... Tea & books area a fabulous combination.

Then Tuesday I was with Noah and his family for the day catching up and taking pictures. You may have seen theme here.

The middle of the week was with my sister and my grandparents. K and I went out to Target and picked up some summer dresses, hats, and cardigans. Then my grandparents cooked us a wonderful dinner with yummy carrots, mac & cheese, homemade bread, and more. They also make potatoes every time I come over because they know I love them!

Thursday was blissfully busy. After meeting with Noah and his mother at an Indian restaurant - yummy vegetarian food too- we went to get Noah's hair cut short again. I'll have to update with some new pics of him. We even walked over to a smoothie joint afterwards and enjoyed the wonderful sunshine on their patio. My sister and I met up with an old friend in the afternoon for infamous Frosty Run. She brought along her fiance and we caught up with one another after the months apart. She also gave us each our Christmas presents (yes it's been that long!) and they were metal water bottles -we're a green group. She also gave my sister and me a picture of our mom from when we were all brownies in Girl Scouts. I love the picture - I'll have to upload it on here so you can see the best parts of her that I remember.

After meeting with friends K and I headed up the mountain to visit my aunt and uncle - the best in the world. My aunt tore out her knee ligaments a few months ago and is still recuperating and she was watching her grandson when we arrived. It was nice to meet the cutie (ok, he was kind of cute for a baby - he slept the whole time!) and then my sister and I made my aunt and uncle dinner. I'll see if I can grab some pics from my sister for the site. We spent about five hours there with them and they're my favorites in my family. I'm very lucky to have them in my life.

Friday was spent in the majority with my dad and sister which was a nice change of pace. Sometimes it can be difficult to be with just the family but we ended up having a darn good time! Putt putt golf, thai food, and movies ensued. Afterwards I was lucky enough to meet up with my friends at the Lake House. All my guy friends were there which made my night. It can be really difficult for us all to get together. I also love that the older we get the less we have to do and the more we can just talk with one another. Plus I'm really getting excited about living with some of them next semester.

All in all, this has shaped up to be a wonderful spring break and it's not quite over yet. I plan to go out with a bang at the Kennedy Center tonight! Have to love living near the capital and having these opportunities.

Enjoy your Saturday (mayhaps indoors if you're near me - lots of rain has been pouring down)!

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