Spring Days

17 March 2010

The sun has been calling out to me all day long and I'm loving every little bit of it! It had to be around 70 degrees here today along with blue skies and sunshine right up until the sunset. Plus, there was still light after dinner which is a wonderful sensation after so many dark months.

The morning and early afternoon was full of class and responsibilities although I did get a mini break to walk to main campus and get lunch and walk back (since it's finally warm enough to not take the bus!). After doing research this afternoon I had mostly free time... by free time I mean I should have been studying for a test. We all know how that goes sometimes.

The evening was the best part though. After getting my LOST fix I shared a pizza with Noah then headed to a review session for my test tomorrow. We had planned on going to a concert at another local college after this but found out the tickets cost too much so we ended up going downtown to a local restaurant. First we were going to stop by a quirky little place to listen to a jazz band but it was overflowing with people because of St Patricks day. There was even a bouncer! We had completely forgotten about the holiday and since we aren't 21 (quite yet) we decided to skip the whole ordeal and went to a different place downtown. Ended up sharing a pot of tea while kicking back on a couch and it was the best I could have asked for.

All in all a beautiful and fun day after a stressful Tuesday. Whew! This weekend is looking complicated. Either Noah is going to DC or we're both headed back for the second weekend in a row (I wouldn't complain if I had someone to tour around with me - he'll be busy the whole time).

I'm going to leave you with some music that's been in and out of my head all day. It seems so fitting for spring:

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