07 May 2010

Noah's mom has four hens that she recently bought out in her backyard.  She named them after famous women (Eleanor, Hillary, Martha, and Ladybird) which I thought was the cutest idea ever!  She has been getting eggs almost daily and this morning Noah and I even used three to make our own pancakes.  

When I was younger we would travel out to Illinois and stay at my grandparent's farm for a week.  They had been a pig farm for the longest time but eventually only had cows and chickens.  Now when I see chickens I think of that farm from my childhood and it makes me happy.  

I am officially done with my spring semester of Junior year at university and I will begin my summer job on Monday.  Time sure seems to fly when you're having fun (or are busy with a ton of schoolwork).  Hope your "summer" is starting off well!

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