Day in Photos: Williamsburg

31 May 2010

Last weekend was my birthday weekend (shared with my twin sister) and our dad took us to Williamsburg for Friday and Saturday.  My hard drive has officially run out of space so I keep forgetting to upload photos from my camera to the blog!  So here they are, a little late, but wonderful.

We ate at a tavern modeled around Colonial Williamsburg.  Neither of the above drinks was alcoholic although they looked amazing!

There were markets on the streets selling items such as quills, bonnets, and scrolls.

There were several beautiful gardens and picturesque walkways.

The King's Arms is the name of the tavern we ate our lunch at.  I was called an Old Maid!

We were interested in exploring and just beyond this wall was a graveyard adjacent to a church built in the 1700s.

We stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge which was awesome!  I just wish I could have come here as a kid as well! I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys water parks!

The bucket above pours over every couple of minutes and kids (and... us) would stand under it to have gallons of water pour over our heads.

This is me in the stocks at Colonial Williamsburg.  Don't worry, I'm safe now!

This is the Williamsburg Winery which we visited the morning of my 21st.  This is also where I discovered I do not enjoy wines!  Haha.

This is a generic picture of Colonial Williamsburg.  Beautiful tress and homes lining the streets.

I'll keep updating about the birthday weekend and recent happenings!  Hope you enjoyed your memorial day weekend!

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Haddock said...

Lovely colourful hats

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