Finals and Freedom

04 May 2010

My hardest exam (cumulative bio) was just completed an hour ago and I'm very glad to be done with it!  I still have two more though but I'm not nearly as worried about them. 

The best part of the day so far was how sweet Noah was to me in the morning.  I do not currently have a car because it failed inspection I decided to get more exercise by walking.  Fortunately my boyfriend could bring his fun, new (to him) Toyota down to school and park it at my complex for the week. 

He drove me out around 8am to Starbucks for a latte and then brought me to the building my final exam would be in so I could have time to study.  I must say that it feels nice to be the one getting picked up (I've been driving everyone for the past two years because I'm the only one who brought a car to school).  It feels more like a date to me (and I love that!).

Anyways, I'll have to get some pictures up of him and his car soon because I think we're both pretty excited. Summer is almost here and I just need to work out my hours with the department and it should be smooth sailing!  Definitely can't wait for freedom in the evenings!

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