Frid--- What?! It's only Wednesday?!

19 May 2010

This week has been moving incredibly slowly.  I absolutely cannot wait for this weekend.  My dad is taking my sister and me to the Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg for our 21st and I'm pretty excited! Then on Saturday I'll get to see my friends for a small birthday party while on Sunday I'll hopefully be able to see some family and friends (not to mention finally discover what happens at the end of LOST)!

This week has been filled with a tad too much negativity for my liking.  I keep making mistakes (whether on the job or with daily life) and I'm ready to do things the right way.  On the bright side, I am learning from each of those mistakes.

Still, it'll be nice to just sit back, relax, and enjoy time with the boyfriend.  I'm hoping to take off at noon tomorrow and head for my hometown so that I can get some time in before my overnight trip.

Has this week felt particularly long to anyone else?  Also, for curiosity's sake, what's your favorite hotel/resort/etc. that you've stayed in? I think mine may be the Old Faithful Lodge in Yellowstone.  Good times. Hope your week feels more than halfway over!


chelsea rebecca said...

ohh i am sorry about the week being not so great so far. hopefully things will turn around and thursday and friday will be simply WONDERFUL!

Kimbirdy said...

i hope your week moves a little faster! it's thursday now, so it's almost over. and then... LOST! i actually don't have a tv, so i have to wait to watch it monday online. sheesh!

and the first place that came to mind when you asked about our favorite hotel/resort/etc. was the youth hostel in monterey, ca. it was such a clean, fun place! i tend to like hostels because of the social interaction with people from all over the world.

Cheri Pryor said...

I hope the weekend is nice and relaxing and that next week will be everything you want it to be!! My week was extra long, too, dealing with insurance adjusters due to a stolen vehicle. Ugh!

My favorite hotel ever was Worldmark Club resort in Seaside, Oregon. Right on the coast...beautiful view...lovely little seaside town. I love it there!

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