Long Days and Pleasant Nights

17 May 2010

That's a phrase my friend would always say to me when we first began talking with one another.  You can't ask for much more can you?

Well, today was certainly long!  I've decided to add an hour of work each day so that I can be done work on Thursday at noon.  Friday has been a planned "vacation" day because Saturday is my birthday (yes, 21st). Although, I talked to my father on the phone this afternoon and we're talking about taking an overnight trip on Friday night which would be a lot of fun.  I still want to spend time with Noah so I'm trying to get in a lot of work now so that I can see him for longer hours.

Yesterday, Noah's family took us (along with his brother and his girlfriend) to Kings Dominion for the day.  It's definitely nice to have a change of pace but I wish I could have spent all day at the water rides.  I unfortunately do not enjoy roller coasters as much as everyone else.  I did some though which were fun (such as a long wooden one which jilted me around a ton).  Plus, I was fortunate enough to have two free meals.  I truly appreciate his family taking care of me as if I were their daughter, it has made a world of difference.

Do you have a second family?  Or another person who takes care of you whole-heartedly?

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