Lunch Date with Myself

10 May 2010

I wish I had taken a photo for this post although it wouldn't have been anything spectacular.  Today is my first full day on the job doing research and I'm typing during my hour lunch break.  My boss will be in tomorrow and one of the first things I'll have to discuss with him is a new chair/a way to raise the microscope!  After three and a half hours of looking through that microscope this morning my eyes are tired but even worse, my back is tired.  Either I sit up straight and bend my head at an awful angle or I slump to get my eyes to the lenses.

So after a somewhat long morning I drove to the campus Parking Services to make sure my pass would still count for summer time.  It does!  That was one wonderful thing.

Then I got to come back to my apartment and no one is even here right now.  I made myself my standard meal of broccoli and herb rice.  Better yet - they're leftovers.  I'm cleaning out my fridge while getting in a quick meal before I go back in to work for the afternoon.  Since two of my three previous apartment-mates have moved out we're short a few things that I'll have to go buy soon (salt & pepper, strainer, etc.) which I wouldn't have thought about if I didn't make the broccoli.

All in all, I'm very glad to be exactly where I am and I hope I can retain this attitude throughout the summer!

On schedule for tonight: grocery shopping, gym, moving out my next roommates stuff from my room.  I don't have room for anything but to lay down on half of my bed and move my chair out from my desk.  That will have to be tackled tonight.  It's good though, this way they don't have to cart all of their stuff home just to bring it back in August.  If it makes move-in easier and quicker then I'm all for it.

How have your days been going?  Anyone out there just starting their summer as well?

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