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05 May 2010

Today, my friend brought us bubble soap, a frizbee, and a kite to play with on the Quad.  She makes me so happy and I wish we didn't all have to split up for the summer.  Anyways, her boyfriend and mine were super cool trying to get this kite to fly although to no avail.

We ended up playing with bubbles for most of the time which was just as fantastic and it was nice to think about nothing.  I still have one more final and then I'm done my junior year.  What? I'm going to be a senior?!  No way... 

Well, here are some pictures from our time on the Quad this afternoon, hope you're having as beautiful of days as we are here!

1 comment:

chelsea rebecca said...

aw, this is SO much FUN!!
i love BUBBLES!!
hooray for FUN PLAYDATES!!!!

i must go fly a kite now!!!

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