Sweetheart & Sweet Summer

15 May 2010

It's our first weekend of summer break and Noah came down for the weekend to keep me company for the weekend.  He picked me up yesterday evening as soon as he got here and took me out to dinner.  It was the first time I felt full in a while.  Thank goodness he takes such good care of me!

Tomorrow we're going to an amusement park and I'm pretty excited.  Although, I don't know if I want to bring my camera along all day long (it's really heavy to just carry around) so I may not have photos.  I know, I'm sort of freaking out.

Still, it's turning out to be a great weekend for it.  Work has been taking up all my time over the past week and I'm excited to have these days together before we're off in different towns again.  I am ready for Senior year!

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Linda said...

Hi Alli, 'Maisie' eventually arrived at the bookshop and I had an expedition yesterday to collect it. I have it ready to post - are you still at the address you gave me earlier?

You definitely seem to have moved into summer mode. Lucky you having a summer job - my university student son is still looking for one but they're very scarce this year.

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