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12 May 2010

I've been quite happy over the last couple of days.  Most of it is because I've been busy (and I love to be busy) although part of it is having the exact right amount of time for everything.  You know when sometimes you feel like you spend too much time doing one thing and not enough at another? Or you try to spend your time equally across the board but end up wishing you had just done what you wanted?  Yeah, this week was masterfully done!

So, here's a summary of what I love so far about this week:

  • Working.  Having a job and knowing I will have some financial support for my senior year from this.
  • My amazing boyfriend spoiling me.  He drove me into town so I wouldn't have to use more gas, paid for my movie ticket this past weekend, and gave me money while he was putting gas into his car to go buy a treat for myself (he later came in the store to say that instead, we need to go to Pack's - our favorite ice cream place).  He bought me a root beer float!  That's one good thing about being apart, we get to truly spend our time together when we are with one another.  
  • My best friend.  I saw him on Tuesday night when we all watched Happy Gilmore together and I am ecstatic about us being able to live together next year. It's going to be totally awesome!
  • Living in Virginia.  Driving home tonight was serene and perfect.  The trees are fully green and it just screams summer!  I can't wait for the fireflies to come out..... It even rained on me a little bit on the hour drive back this evening but just long enough for the sun to shine through and create a rainbow over our dusk-lighted mountains.
  • Yoga. I've already gotten a chance to do some pm. and am. yoga this week and I can't wait to get some in tonight!
  • Kings Dominion.  I'm planning to go with my boyfriend's family to an amusement park on Sunday which will be a lot of fun!  I do not like roller coasters, but I actually really enjoy theme parks (Harry Potter World please!).
There has been an absurd amount of reasons to smile this week (and it's only Wednesday night) so I'm quite happy.  I hope your weeks have been going just as well and that, if not, your weekend is fantastic!

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