For the love of all that is Holy....

01 July 2010

... this honey is the most delicious food I have ever tasted. I wish I could upload photos of this delectable golden goodness.  I have made several visits to the Farm Market over the past couple of weeks and my most recent obsession is the honey from one of the local vendors.

The vendor sells four types of honey: raw, infused with orange, cinnamon, or vanilla.  My favorite is the honey infused with orange although cinnamon comes in second place.  It is easily better than any candy bar I can think of (and I really have a sweet tooth for that type of nonsense).  I've put the honey in my tea, on my bread, and also, I'm embarrassed proud to say, directly onto my tongue when I was trying to get the very last bit out of the teency jar.

The farm market was open again this evening so after buying a little jar last Thursday to taste-test I went back tonight with a vengeance. I bought their largest jar of orange-infused honey and small jars of the others.  I do plan on sharing! I'm actually sending the vanilla jar to my sister sometime soon (I haven't seen her all summer and I think she deserves a sweet treat from her only favorite sister).

Beyond the farm market, today has gone remarkably well.  Tuesday was a downer but every other day this week has been alright for the most part - today was just over the top. Honey, some light reading, some warm ups, a fantastic workout at the gym, and blaring country music while singing along on some back roads on the way home.  Perfect.  Who doesn't love singing country music at dusk with their windows rolled down? All that was missing was some fireflies (and some friends)! Of course, those friends probably wouldn't appreciate all the country music I listened to this evening; there may be just a few advantages to driving by yourself - you get to pick the music and sing as loudly (and poorly) as you want!

Just as a side note, the farm market recently got sweet corn from Port Republic (just ten miles from the market) which is delicious.  Also, I've bought green peppers, zucchini, and apple sauce bread from them within the last week.  Can I just say I love the farm market?

Do you have any farm markets near you?  What is your favorite food to buy at a farm market? Does it matter to you if food is locally grown? What's your favorite time of day? Do you also love a genre of music that all your friends hate?


Miss Michael said...

In California we tend to say "Farmers' Market," but we mean the same thing, I think. Anyway, we have several in San Diego, each in different neighborhoods and most on different days of the week. The one I can walk to is on Wednesdays, but there's a really good one on Sundays not so far away. My boyfriend and I usually buy vegetables at the farmers' market (whatever is in season), because we find those to be the most reasonably priced, although sometimes we splurge on fruit or occasionally cheese.

Our local honey vendor doesn't do infusions. Instead, the bees are kept around only certain plants, so when you get a flavored honey it's flavored by the pollen. The ones with the most potent flavor are the citrus honeys. My favorite is the tangelo.

Becky said...

Honey should be in EVERYTHING. That is all. ♥

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