21 August 2010

Well, I've told you that my guys would be moving in and hallelujah - they  have. The following are a few pictures of the process and hopefully I'll be putting up some of the final product soon.  Today we actually moved in a sweet couch for more seating and picked out a few more decorations.  It's coming together now. 

Plus, I'll be putting up a collage of photos sometime.... of people wearing a certain item of clothing.  I just find it hilarious. 

What's the most exciting part for you about living with people you love? I think having them around even when we're not doing anything is the best.  I can be back here typing while they're out in the living room watching tv. It's nice.

James' girlfriend was helping him move in all of his stuff.

Noah was also carrying items up the stairway.

Their bedrooms would fill up with clutter only to be organized in a matter of hours.

We're a very musical apartment. We have actually all played the flute at one point or another (and at varying levels).

Someone was pretty happy about all of it.

We walked to El Charro's down the street for a celebratory lunch.  First day everyone was moved in.

Noah and I can cook meals together now without wasting one of his on campus meals and also without having to drive back and forth.

All in all, I'm quite happy with the way things are turning out.  My sister is back in town. All of our friends are coming back into town.  It's great.  I feel as if everything has just been building towards this point. So, you guessed it - this is my reason to smile today.

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