The Hunger Games

28 September 2010

My friendly neighborhood president of Circle K was telling me about a book she had fallen in love with and said it would be a Must Read for me. She kindly brought it to our meeting last night with her to pass on to me.

After the meeting I headed home to do some homework, hang out for a little bit. Then at around 9pm I decided to give the book a go.  Big mistake! Not that it was bad, in fact it was excellent! That was the problem. I ended up reading until 1am on a school night. Oops. I woke up this morning just to finish it. If you're looking for a read then I'm definitely passing on this glimmering piece of work!

The plot happens in the future (though it's not futuristic) in the remains of North America.  There is a Capitol and Twelve Districts. There used to be thirteen but when the districts rebelled the Capitol demolished the thirteenth nation.  Now there are no uprisings even though the districts are in poverty while people in the Capitol are living rich lives.

Every year, to remind the districts not to rebel, the Capitol hosts the "Hunger Games". Each district picks one boy and one girl through a lottery system to travel to the Capitol to fight in a gladiator-like battle. Only one champion will come out alive and his or her district will receive more goods and food. The girl you follow in the story has her name entered twenty times while her dearest sister only has one entry yet somehow the little sister is called forth to fight at just twelve years old.  Our protagonist volunteers to go and fight to the death in her stead.  That's as far as I'll tell you. (Although there is some romance along the way).

Really, if you have a chance, give the book a go - you won't regret it!


Erin said...

This book is high on my list of must-read-soons! It sounds so intriguing. Thanks for reminding me I need to get hold of a copy...
Would you recommend it for older elementary school kids? I'm a school librarian and we go up to the 6th grade (12 year olds)

Alli said...

I'm in a 6th grade classroom right now for practicum and two kids are reading it in there. I think if they can read Harry Potter (3, 4, and 5th years) then they could probably read Hunger Games.

Of course, I'd recommend the book for just about everyone!

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