Student Org Night

08 September 2010

Last night was our organization night which means all the clubs at the university come out onto the lawn and tell the freshmen and transfers about what we do.  I was advocating Circle K of course (we were walking around with signs saying "Were you in Key Club in High School?").  We had just under 300 people sign up! That's incredible. I'm glad people are willing to volunteer and to do community service while in college.  Of course we'll probably lose half that number after the first meeting (that's just how things go) but we should still have a great turn out this year.

There were demonstrations by different groups such as the gymnastics group, a capella performances, and the fencing club (which my best friend is in - see the above photo for their demonstration). 

Our motto is "live to serve, love to serve" and I hope we can carry that out throughout the coming school year. We're ready for it!

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