An Autumn Evening at Lake St. Clair

11 October 2010

 We caught up with Noah's family at a mini-reunion. His first cousins, aunts, and uncles meet up often throughout the year to catch up with one another. These meetings are usually at a lake house in our hometown.  It's a gorgeous place and with the autumn colors reflecting back from the water it was even prettier than usual!

 They went "fishing" with a pumpkin. They would hook it then throw it out into the lake and reel it back in.

 Pumpkin pie from the farm market Noah's uncle owns.


Dawn said...

Oh Alli! This place looks beautiful!!! (as does the pumpkin pie:))

Kimbirdy said...

woah, it's fall there! i miss fall out east. sniff! and pumpkin pie?! sounds perfect!

as to your question - yup, that's our little apartment! it's super small so we're trying hard not to let it get too cluttered and keep it cute. glad you liked it!

and what? you're not going to be *sexy* pokemon?! :)

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