Cake Off

24 October 2010

The trombones and melophones had a cake off on Friday night. Hilarity ensued as each section tried to eat 15 sheet cakes faster than the other section.  This year Noah was pouring milk for the contestants as they stuffed their faces with chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet. 

Trombones won for the fourth year running which is really sweet! 


Dawn said...

I have a stomach ache looking at this:))
It looks like fun....for them;)

Have a wonderful week:))
(Just so you know...I love your comments on my blog. I never respond on there often- but I do read them and appreciate them- they get me through my week at times!!!! Hugs:)

Kimbirdy said...

oh my gosh! those poor people. i hope no one got too sick afterward!

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