CKI Rally

17 October 2010

Our Fall Membership Rally was in Front Royal this year. My club went up Friday overnight to Saturday and we learned a bit more about Circle K as a club, our district events, and how to be effective officers. We met people from other clubs in our district and had some competitions that were Survivor Themed.

This week I'm meeting my Littles, heading up a Harvest Festival on Saturday, and am organizing our scrapbooking committee (I'm historian).

My reason to smile this week is that I have a very productive club and that we are proactive in helping our community. I love finding other college students who enjoy donating their time and energy!

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Sarah C said...

Alli -

Thanks for your encouraging comment on Friday. The interview went great - and I was able to ask all those questions about how they run the school, and all of their philosophies. The teaching market is pretty dismal right now, but if you are patient and really put yourself out there, the jobs are there. And the more interviews you land, the better, even if you don't get the job!

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