pH & Smores

27 October 2010

Today I did a "mini-lesson" on pH. That means I was stressing about it all week long and was mildly panicing last night when I realized I don't remember that much about pH.  Yeah, as an Earth Science major, I haven't done that in a while.....

My mini-lessons for practicum are supposed to be 20 minutes long and I didn't think it would be. I would have been right too except that I ended up doing the whole rest of the lesson! It was rather easy actually but I lead them in a lab about pH. It ended up taking all 50 minutes between my section & the lab.  It gives me much more confidence about doing full lessons before the end of this semester.

When I got back to my apartment I realized that I had Smorz Cereal {I'm addicted}. It brightened my day. Don't you love when that happens?

Have you had any happy surprises today?

I'll leave you with a musical piece which transforms Darth Vader's Theme into a classical piece. Listen to at least the first 30 seconds if you can because it's fun to hear the song in such a different genre of music!


Dawn said...

ach! Science!
As we "speak" i have 2 little people doing experiments in my kitchen.
I am staying clear until I hear any noises that sound abnormal or smells which don't belong.
I am not a science-person.
So I am PROUD proud proud of those who are.
(I WOULD go for the snack though:))

Jordanna said...

Wow - way to go! That's stressful to teach, but I bet it went great and now that you've done it, you know you can! Good job! And great reward afterwards :) Enjoy your weekend!

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