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19 October 2010

I'll give you a quick warning that this is Noah & Alli photo heavy. I mentioned that my friend let me borrow her 35mm lens and these are from the portrait side of that experience.  

Well, it's a Tuesday and it's been slow. Oddly enough, Monday flew by! Don't you love when that happens? We had another CKI (Circle K) meeting last night and then I went to our first intramural soccer game to cheer the team on. Can you guys play soccer? I'm terrified that I'd trip over the ball much less while running much less kicking in a strategic direction.  Also, I met my littles last night! 

Bigs & Littles is a new concept for CKI. We're not a fraternity but we've been having issues with member retention. Our university {easily} has the largest membership in our district but we have a problem holding onto them. The board decided to set up bigs and littles in the hopes that more people would get to know one another and that we'd help the freshman and sophomores make more friends in the club. I'm pretty excited and I honestly didn't think I would be. My girls are great!

This week has a lot going for it: scrapbook committee {two meetings}, three midterms, a unit plan, heading a service event on Saturday {organizing rides, emailing 20+ people}, meeting with both my littles, and the trombone cake off is on Friday. Oh, also Friday is October 22 which is the half year point for Noah and me. We tend to celebrate on the full year and half year anniversaries just to add a little specialness to our weeks. This one will be five and a half. I love a reason to go on a date. Don't you? 

Hope your weeks are going wonderful and check out Kim on Fill Your Well because she has some of the cutest wedding ideas/photos ever! Also, read about her honeymoon in Thailand; she's pretty darn inspiring! 

Reasons to Smile:
  • 2xs Tuesday from Dominos {YUM!}
  • My littles are awesome
  • I think I've got all the rides figured out for Saturday's service event
  • Met Ms. Meredith {aka Mother Bird or Ms. Pres} for coffee
  • Learned about Hinduism in class today {personal favorite}
  • I have photos to edit {soccer game}
  • Less than 2 weeks until Jon Stewarts Rally to Restore Sanity in DC {be jealous, we have plans to attend}
  • I'm doing well about staying on top of my work 
  • The blogs I read keep me very happy! Thanks to all of you!
What are your reasons to smile today & this week?


Sarah C said...

Wow, sounds like you have a crazy week coming up! I sometimes miss college for all it's busy fun and chances to meet new people and make friends. And then I don't miss college for all the same reasons... ha!

Love the photos. There's nothing quite like playing with a camera, huh?

Linda said...

I haven't heard of this rally thing, so I've just spent a few minutes googling it. American politics is so different from ours!

Alli said...

That's probably true. After Glenn Beck garnered so much support Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert wanted to show that a big name could do that, not necessarily that what he had to say was right. They're political comedians I guess and we LOVE them. Noah likes Colbert but I'm a Stewart fan. I'll have to put a clip up on my blog sometime. :)

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