Restoring Sanity... or Not

31 October 2010

We did end up in DC for the day but it was the most hectic visit to the capital I've ever had.  Ever.  Noah and I met up with his brother & his girlfriend for half of the ride.  We were stuck in 66 for a decent amount of time (45 minutes on a two or so mile stretch maybe...) and then had to get off and find parking. Luckily they have massive parking decks so we were ok.  Then we waited in line to get metro tickets. I went off ahead to scope out the line and realized that there was a cash only line (which we had) and it was much shorter. Of course I called them and we switched lines.  Actually, one of Noah's professors was right behind them when I called so even his professor and his family came along. Below is a picture of the line ahead of us (way less than behind) while waiting for our tickets.

That was certainly an ordeal and we ended up somehow back in the credit card line in the very end - DC was not ready to handle this many people.  We bonded with some people behind us in line, Noah had a record time getting four tickets (less than 30 seconds people!). We got onto the platform and waited to PUSH onto a train.  I took a picture of the line above still waiting to get metro tickets.

We got on luckily (I'm not sure if everyone did eventually....) and we were together. That made us happy despite dire lack of personal space.

After a half an hour metro ride we ended up at the Smithsonian stop in DC.  It was only about a two block walk to the National Mall which was perfect. You didn't need directions instead everyone just followed the flow of thousands of people.

There were signs EVERYWHERE. There were signs about politics, sanity, fear, and even signs about signs. What does that mean? "Don't tread on my right to make signs", "yes, this IS a sign", and "I stayed up last night to make this sign". It was pretty hilarious.

In fact, the signs may have been the most entertaining part of the rally for us.

Some people were a little liberal with the quotes they used....

There were so many people and we couldn't hear or see anything related to the actual rally so we ended up leaving after 30 minutes to go explore some museums.  They did have tv screens for the rally but they were probably two football fields away from where we were. The stage was even further (we never saw the stage yesterday until an hour after the rally had ended).

Going to a museum probably ended up as the right decision for us but it was cool to say we were there. Unfortunately, the massive number of people detracted from the experience.  Of course, the purpose was to bring people and restore sanity. Unfortunately, with the large number of people pretty much everything was overflowing with insanity. The metro & little shops in particular. I wouldn't have minded waiting out the crowd for the metro if we could have holed away in a little shop but they were PACKED.

Even when we came out of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History we saw more signs... in odd places occasionally.

The trip back out of DC was nearly as crazy as getting in. Well, the driving was considerably easier but the metro was even worse! Our stop (Smithsonian) had been shut down - what?!

We ended up walking to L'Efante plaza or some such which is a central hub for all the lines. There were practically three levels to this station.  Our platform for the Orange Line was on the very bottom level. It was incredibly hot and crowded there and we had to wait for two trains before we could force our way onto one.

We even got kicked off of that one (every person on the train did) because it was no longer in service... What? While we were riding it it went out of service? Then they let everyone back on including people at that stop and it was MUCH more crowded. Any space we had was now GONE.

Once we got out and started driving home we faced a beautiful sunset at least. I was a bit disappointed with the rally because we just couldn't see anything (we did hear the theme music - which was the same time as this clip - at one point though when we were walking to the Smithsonian).

I'm glad to say I was there but I think I'd really like to take a trip back soon and spend a day with Noah exploring the city again. Hope you have a marvelous Halloween!


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Wow that looks crazy! I hope you're able to go back when it's not so nutso!

Kimbirdy said...

woah, that sounds pretty crazy alright. part of me wishes i could have gone because i love what it stands for. ... but then another part of me is happy to avoid the crowds. :) glad you made it out okay!

Dawn said...

Oh! All I can say I "Claustrophobia"!!!!!!
I like your sunset picture the absolute best!!!!!
(Isn't that the way it is...sometimes you just have to say you were glad to say you did it- and that's all you ca say:)))
Well I'm glad you came out of there in one piece...and together:0
I always lose people I'm with in crowds....;)

Miss Michael said...

Sounds like a crazy day! I heard from someone else that it was impossible to hear anything, which I imagine was pretty disappointing. It is really cool that you braved the crowds to at least say you were there, though.


I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You :-)


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