Sun Behind the Clouds

26 October 2010


Some days we need to sit back and really appreciate what we have in our lives.  I feel like my stress levels have reached boiling point recently (by recently I mean the last two months) and that they haven't had a chance to cool down.

The crazy thing is that I enjoy almost every single thing that I'm doing, but like Dawn said, maybe we all like to wear a too few many hats some days..... We want to do more things and be more people than is really good for us.

What kicked me in the pants today was getting to the grocery store to buy some munchies (because we all know I drown out my sorrows/stress in food) and seeing an elderly couple.  The woman was pushing a cart and had a cane in with the food and the man had respiratory tubes through his nose. I immediately felt so selfish about my day.  Sure, I'm stressed. It will pass one day, sooner than later.  I'm so lucky to be healthy and to have these opportunities to volunteer, study, and work with professors.  I really had to tell my problems to take a back seat.

As a reminder today, these are my reasons to smile:

  • Going to the rally in DC this weekend
  • I did well on three of my midterms last week
  • I have some great friends
  • Volunteering has been awesome
  • I'll have pizza for 2xs Tuesday tonight
  • One of my girlfriends is coming over and I haven't seen her in ages

Do you ever have moments when you need to just take a step back and reevaluate your life? What are your reasons to smile today? I'd love to hear them!

1 comment:

Dawn said...

Yes! I do!!!
It's hard some days....and some days (to be brutally honest) I so wallow in my pity I find it hard to find even one reason..except that my covers wrap around my head!

Still....things could always be worse! (And it IS wonderful to know the sun IS there- even if it's behind those ever-looming clouds!)

My favorite of yours is that you get pizza twice in one day!!!:)
(And of course your friend visit is a bonus:)

Hugs to you!!!!

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