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19 October 2010

You may have seen in my previous post (just a few hours ago) that I have two littles now with Circle K. All of the bigs in our club decided to buy gifts for our littles.

I picked out little photobooks to fill up with photos as we go throughout the year {what, I like to take photos?!} and charm bracelets.

I found these at Michaels Craft Store when I was browsing and thought instantly that is the perfect gift for my littles. There were bracelets for sale that you can easily unclasp and then multitudes of beads and charm sets to go with them. I picked out three bracelets {one for me and one for each of my littles} and then four packs of beads. As we do events and socials I'll give them more beads to add to their bracelets.

They're called Trinkettes and are way too cute!  Check out this site for a quick little overview of possible beads and such. The one warning I want to give is check to make sure the bracelet clasps before you buy it. I noticed in the store that a lot of them come apart easily. Even though I checked while I was there, one of my littles' bracelets still isn't clasping. They have another type of bracelet where it's a solid crescent and you slip your wrist through the opening. I'm sure it's much sturdier but I wanted all of ours to match.

They're seriously cute and would be neat little Christmas gifts {each bead set with five beads costs $3.99 and the bracelet is the same price - not bad!}.

Have you found any neat little gifts like this?


Dawn said...

Oh Alli-great idea!!!
I'm going in there tomorrow to get supplies!
I need your creativity:)

Linda said...

Very cute - and very reasonably priced.

Jordanna said...

These are so cute!! Thanks for sharing! I love creative things like this. I got excited because I found Martha Stewart scrapbooks on sale for $5 at Michaels last week! :) Keep sharing your little treasures. Have a great week!

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