Craving: Adventure

17 November 2010

{Playa Del Carmen in Mexico, 2008}

Tomorrow evening I'm leaving for a conference (for Virginia Association of Science Teachers - VAST) and I will be coming back home on Saturday. Just a heads up that it'll probably be a few days between posts.

My research professor, an earth science teacher, and I will be doing a seminar on fossil use in the classroom. I'm a teency bit nervous but I'm not doing too much talking so I should enjoy the majority of my time. On the bright side, we present on Friday morning which means I'll be done with the nerves for the rest of the day and Saturday.

Currently, I feel like I'm just waiting for break. I still have a paper to get done today (after practicum, a three hour lab, and a test). On the bright side, Noah and I are getting a meal tonight then watching Eat, Pray, Love on campus for cheap.

It's only a matter of days until break.... I count my break as starting officially on Sunday.

I have several things on my to-do list for Thanksgiving. I would love to get back to DC again when it's not as crowded as it was at the rally. I think Noah and I would have a great time going in on our own and exploring some museums. Then there's the traditional thanksgiving with his family (thank goodness I have that second family to take care of me, have I mentioned lately that I love his dad?).

{White House in 2009}

Also a tradition is our Post-Thanksgiving Hike. My dad, "uncle", sister, and I would often go to Shenandoah National Park on Black Friday and do a hike for the day. Instead of going into the insane stores we headed out into nature. For the last couple of years though I've been taking a group of friends up instead and it'd be nice to get out again this year.

There are several towns nearby that I'd like to visit as well, plus see Harry Potter, take the metro, perhaps visit Baltimore? I'm just pumped for break, even if there is some work to do during the week. I'm ready to get out of the apartment and out of work mode and go on an adventure somewhere.

Doesn't an adventure sound nice?


Dawn said...

Yes! it does:)
especially an outdoor adventure:))))

Kimbirdy said...

i can't believe it's thanksgiving already. i just learned this today actually. :)

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