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14 November 2010

Yesterday was the last football game of my senior year.  While I'm staying around for a fifth year to get my Masters degree in the Arts of Teaching, a number of my friends will be leaving.  It's been a wonderful three and a half years so far and I'm sure we'll finish strong.

The game provided time for Noah and I to get together for a fun activity (plus Student Tickets are free at our University).  We had a great time with our friends, grabbing nachos, watching the marching band, and beating each other with our noise-makers. It was great to finish the Praxis then go hang out with my friends. Last week was a lot of work so I'm hoping to take it a little easy this week.

We had a great time yesterday and I hope to have just as much fun today! It's wonderful to set some time aside to enjoy the company of your friends. We had a private shuttle over to the game which was fun plus we ate on campus afterwards. My reason to smile is that my coursework should be slowing down a bit, Thanksgiving break is five days away, and my guy is super sweet to me.

Happy Sunday everyone!


Have you noticed that sometimes you have just settled into the motion of things and have stopped appreciating what you have in your life? I think the past couple of weeks have turned into that a little bit for me. I've been slowly coming out of it but yesterday was a sort of kick to my bum. I've become motivated to take these last weeks by the horns and show them who's boss.

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Dawn said...

Looks like a fun game! And YAY!!! Grab one of those loud "clangy things" and take on the day. You made me want to;)))

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