My Mother's Ring

13 November 2010

This morning started off early enough for a Saturday (7 am) and it wasn't necessarily my own choice. Today I had to take the Praxis II which is basically a big standard test I need to officially get into graduate school. I've been conditionally accepted but I need to pass for it to be official.

After the two hour testing period I came back home and found a paper snowflake on my bed with a message on it. In the middle of the snowflake was my mom's ring!

She had two rings, one that was her engagement/wedding ring and another (the one above) that my dad bought her for their 22nd anniversary. I received this one but it was always much too big for me to wear and I refuse to lose it so it's been sitting in my jewelry box for just over two years now.  Noah did me a huge favor and re-sized it for me and I'm so happy! Plus he was super cute about the delivery.

I typically wear my college ring on my right hand but I'll probably switch back and forth now depending on the occasion or what I'm wearing. It'll be nice to have a little reminder around with me.

I apologize for not keeping up with posting this week but I did two full lessons in my sixth grade classroom this week on top of a test, two projects, and assignment, and trying to organize a group presentation.  I'll try to do better this upcoming week!

What little surprises did you come across this week?


Dawn said...

OH this was too sweet. How I wish I would have "kept up" with small romantic gestures..... You are one lucky girl. And the ring is beautiful!!!

It sounds like you are super busy. I am a tad jealous of what you are doing. I was in Education for a year before I decided I would go try my "hand" at Nursing. I HATED it. I KNOW my heart was in Teaching....not sure why I switched. Then I had a baby. Then 3 more. And my life got carried away with everything else.

You are doing a great job I'm sure....and no worries about not posting. I am sure we all understand!

Hope your weekend is going wonderfully:)

Erin said...

What a lovely surprise.

Don't apologize for not posting as often. Life gets busy. We'll be here while you get one with things!

Kimbirdy said...

that's SO sweet!!! what a special gift. and i took the praxis test way back when. totally a good reason not to blog regularly. i hope it all went well!

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